KUTX Concert Club

What could be better than hearing great musicians – from here in Austin and all over the world – on KUTX? How about seeing them perform live for you and a handful of like-minded music fans?

KUTX’s Studio 1A offers our listeners a chance to do just that. Because it’s a small space, and fills up quickly, we created the KUTX Concert Club to give our members a chance to reserve their seats before the general public.

You can join the KUTX Concert Club when you support KUTX with a donation of $50 per month (or $600) gives you one year of membership. As a member of the KUTX Concert Club, you’ll receive weekly e-mails with the first opportunity to reserve your seats in Studio 1A and other private events around town.

Who will you see? Up-and-comers, legends, and everything in between. Over the past 10 years, we’ve hosted artists such as Lizzo, Lyle Lovett, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Phoebe Bridgers, Kevin Bacon, Father John Misty, Grupo Fantasma, Jason Isbell, Leon Bridges, The Black Angels, and many more.

KUTX Concert Club FAQs

How do I know if a Studio 1A session has an audience?
Not all Studio 1A sessions are with an audience, but Concert Club members get first dibs! Every Friday at 3:30p an email is sent out to our Concert Club members with information about the upcoming week’s audience Studio 1A. This email will include an exclusive link to reserve your seats. You may reserve up to two seats per session.

How often are concerts in Studio 1A?
We strive for a minimum of four audience sessions per month.

When do these performances take place?
Most of these are Monday through Friday in the afternoon. We know not everyone can make daytime performances, so we strive to offer a few evening and weekend sessions when available.

How long are these Studio 1A sessions?
Most Studio 1A sessions are 3 songs and an interview, typically lasting 15-20 minutes.

How many seats may I reserve per session?
Your membership in the KUTX Concert Club allows you to reserve up to two seats per session.

How many people can fit in Studio 1A?
Capacity in Studio 1A is 70.

I heard clapping but I don’t remember receiving an invitation to that concert – why wasn’t I invited?
Some bands request that we do not have a full audience. In those cases, we are unable to offer tickets. The clapping you heard is likely from the band’s crew or KUTX staff.

As a member of the KUTX Concert Club, am I guaranteed entry into every audience session?
Some shows will fill up fast – we can’t say that you’ll get in to every show, but you’ll get the first opportunity!

I tried to reserve my seat at the time specified and it told me it was already SOLD OUT. How can this be?
Capacity in Studio 1A is 70 and there are hundreds of Concert Club members. While it’s rare, some of these sessions are so popular they “sell out” in what seems like an instant. Browser speed, your internet connection, your computer and/or how many other people logging in at the same time can all be a factor in this. But you may still be able to see the session by getting on the waitlist (see next question.)

How do I get on the waitlist?
Anyone (even non-Concert Club members) can show up and take their chances on our waitlist for any audience session. Just check in with the KUTX Volunteer before the session to put your name on the waitlist. Five minutes before the performance begins, all reservations are void and waitlist attendees are admitted, in numerical order, until the room is at capacity.

I signed up for tickets but I can’t attend. How do I cancel?
If you learn that you cannot attend an event, please cancel your reservation by following these instructions so that other music fans may take your spot. Notifying us shows respect for your fellow music fans who are waiting in the wings to attend and for our visiting artists who almost always prefer to perform to a full room. Concert Club tickets may not be sold, auctioned or offered on public forums.

I joined the Concert Club but I haven’t received an email. How can I ensure I’m getting the emails?
The emails come from “KUTX Concert Club” or concertclub@kutx.org and typically have a subject line of “Concert Club Update.” If you do not find an email from us in your inbox nor your junk mail folder (please do check junk mail), shoot us an email at membership@kut.org with your name and the email you prefer. We’ll check your account to ensure we have the correct email on file.

Here’s what the late, great Ian McLagan had to say about the KUTX Concert Club