Best Songs Ever…This Week 7.20.18


Best Songs Ever…This Week 7.20.18

Posted by on Jul 19, 2018

KUTX Music Director Jeff McCord tips us off to the best songs ever…this week!

Abhi the Nomad – “Somebody to Love”

Abhi the Nomad, the globe-trotting diplomat’s son who recently settled in Austin, released his album Marbled back in March. But instead of touring, he’s been working to secure a visa to prevent him from having to leave the country for a second time. The visa has come through, and to celebrate, he’s given the remix treatment to a slow burning track called “Somebody To Love”– all about the disenchantment of falling out of love.


Yuno – “Why For”

Up next, from Jacksonville, Florida is Yuno. He’s a bedroom laptop musician and son of immigrant parents who, by his own admission, “doesn’t drive and doesn’t really go anywhere.” But his widescreen psychedelia takes you all kinds of places. From his Kickstarter-funded EP Moodie, just released on Sub Pop, check out “Why For.”

August Greene – “Let Go”

Finally, August Greene might seem like the kind of supergroup put together as a cynical marketing ploy, but there’s actually a quiet chemistry between drummer Karriem Riggins, keyboardist Robert Glasper and Chicago rapper Common. Their debut album has been on everyone’s radar this year. Check out the meditative and forceful “Let Go.”


Posted by on Jul 19, 2018

Every Friday morning, Music Director Jeff McCord plays a forgotten classic recommended by a KUTX listener. We’ll keep a running playlist of the recommendations here so you can keep up with all the great music we rediscover. Join in the fun by sending your requests to [email protected]!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Silver Jews – “Suffering Jukebox”

Friday, June 22, 2018

Aldous Harding – “Imagining My Man”

Best Songs Ever…This Week 7.12.18


Best Songs Ever…This Week 7.12.18

Posted by on Jul 12, 2018

Night Glitter – “Believe”

First up, it’s KUTX Artist of the Month Night Glitter. This Austin band has an interesting resume: LouLou Ghelichkhani sings with Thievery Corporation and John Michael Schoepf has played bass with Roky Erickson & Hayes Carll. Their debut EP, Hangin’ On A Dream, is awfully dreamy, especially on “Believe.” Be sure to catch Night Glitter as KUTX’s guest DJs this Saturday at 6 p.m.


Jamila Woods – “LSD”

Also this Saturday night, Jamila Woods will help celebrate KUTX’s fifth birthday with a concert at Hogg Auditorium alongside Sarah Jaffe and our special guest, Iron & Wine. Woods is a star in the making, and here she is teaming up with fellow Chicagoan Chance The Rapper on “LSD.”


Cautious Clay – “Cold War”

Finally, a song from Cautious Clay. Don’t let the jokey name fool you—this guy makes some seriously cool music. His debut single, “Cold War,” somehow sounds both sparse and lush.



 – Art Levy, KUTX Host

Best Songs Ever…This Week 7.6.18


Best Songs Ever…This Week 7.6.18

Posted by on Jul 6, 2018

KUTX Morning Host Susan Castle tips you off to the best songs ever!

Gorillaz – “Humility”

Gorillaz, the beloved virtual band led by Blur’s Damon Albarn, just released its sixth album, just in time for your summertime enjoyment. It’s called The Now Now, which is said to represent current issues in the world. The lyrics to “Humility” may hint at Brexit, but its mood is beachy and breezy, thanks in part to guest guitar playing by 75-year-old jazz legend George Benson. Also be sure to check out the video, which features a cameo by Jack Black.


Snail Mail – “Pristine”

Snail Mail is the solo project of 19-year-old Lindsey Jordan, who recently graduated from high school in suburban Baltimore where she started playing classical guitar at age five. Her well-honed skills shine through on her debut album Lush with cool riffs and a voice to match. Check out the standout song “Pristine.”

Uni – “Love’s Not All You Need”

Fifty years ago, John Lennon and the Beatles wrote the Summer of Love’s anthem in “All You Need Is Love.” Sean Lennon’s musical partner Charlotte Kemp Muhl is part of a new trio called Uni and they contend–in a musically Beatlesesque way–that “Love’s Not All You Need.”

Best Songs Ever…This Week 6.29.18


Best Songs Ever…This Week 6.29.18

Posted by on Jun 28, 2018

KUTX Program Director Matt Reilly tips us off to the best songs ever…this week.

Mikaela Davis – “Other Lover”

When you hear the words “classically trained harpist and indie rock” in the same sentence, you will often receive some eye rolls. That’s what makes this song from Rochester, New York’s Mikaela Davis so great. No pretense, no preciousness, just a great song called “Other Lover” that makes intelligent use of a harp.


Angelique Kidjo – “Born Under Punches”

David Byrne and Talking Heads always used a wide array of sounds from across the globe for their unique sound. Having an African artist cover an entire Talking Heads record, in this case Remain in Light, shows how the mirror can work both ways.  This is an interesting take on the Talking Heads’ “Born Under Punches” as done by Angelique Kidjo from Benin. You’re forgiven if this sounds like an Angelique Kidjo original.

Walker Lukens – “Baby”

Finally, bringing it back home to Austin, “Baby” by Walker Lukens. This song just feels like summer: it’s got playful lyrics, a breezy, soulful vibe and it’s instantly memorable. There’s also an 80’s, puffy-sleeve thing going on so it’ll appeal to a couple of generations.