KUTX Pop-Up Sessions SXSW 2019


KUTX Pop-Up Sessions SXSW 2019

Posted by on Mar 15, 2019

This year during SXSW, KUTX had a lot of amazing musicians perform at KUTX Live at the Four Seasons, but unfortunately, we couldn’t fit everyone we loved onto the lineup this year. So in true SXSW fashion, we brought out even more artists to resident KUTX producer Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon’s house to play quick 1-2 song sessions for us! Featuring artists such as Brooklyn based Hip-Hop & Soul group Phony Ppl, Sun-Soaked LA Pop band Illuminati Hotties, Tropical Spanish Alternatives Y La Bamba, and many more. We’ll be rolling out the performances every day for next couple of weeks so stay tuned and happy SXSW!

Felix Kimbrell, KUTX Intern

Izaak Opatz – “Bathing in the Ganges”

Chris Staples – “Relatively Permanent”

Ginger Root – “Mahjong Room”

Ximena Sariñana – “Lo Bailado”

Laura Jean Anderson – “Lonesome No More”

Field Medic – “Henna Tattoo”

Cimafunk – “Ponte pa’ lo tuyo”

Leyla McCalla – “Money Is King”


Charly Bliss – “Capacity”


Strand of Oaks – “Weird Ways”

Linying – “All Of Our Friends Know”

The Rad Trads – “Good Luck Unto Ya”

Taimane – “Lady Bird”

Murray A Lightburn – “Center Of My Universe”

Cimafunk – “Me Voy”

Wafia – “Im Good”

Y La Bamba – “Entre Los Dos”

The Fur. – “Messi”

 Sasami – “Pacify My Heart”

Phony Ppl – “Cookie Crumble”

illuminati hotties – “I Want to Keep Your Dog”