KUTX Volunteers Have More Fun

KUTX Volunteers Have More Fun

KUTX 98.9 features fresh, cutting-edge music, alongside iconic songs and established artists who continue to inspire. But you know that already. What you may not know is we’re often out and around town, hosting performances, or just sharing the virtues of KUTX with anyone within earshot. And sometimes we need a little help from our friends — you!

Volunteering with KUTX is a great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at the station, meet new people and support the music you rely on. Plus, it’s fun. Click here to join KUTX’s Volunteers.

What’s Involved?

Every month, and when surprise opportunities arise, we send a Volunteer Email with all our available upcoming volunteer events. These emails detail how to sign up, and even include a monthly contest! It’s a “volunteer” gig so you’re not obligated if you’re not able to sign up. But if you do, we ask that you stick with the plan because we’re relying on you.

What do volunteers do?

They do a lot, and look good doing it because we’ll make sure you have one of the world’s best T-shirts to wear (ya gotta rep the X). We are looking for dedicated listeners to work alongside our staff on a variety of duties and events. Some of these are:

KUTX Events:
We have many special events throughout the year, including concerts, performances, DJs hosting events, discussion forums, and more. Duties vary per event, but they can range from greeting like-minded, music-lovin’ folks, handing out the world’s best stickers (to some), taking tickets, perhaps some venue decorating (also called hanging posters) and just plain old helping people with their questions.

Membership Drives:
KUTX volunteers assist with thanking our new and Sustaining donors: options include writing postcards and making phone calls. Shifts are short and fun and local restaurants donate delicious meals. You can even volunteer with a group! Group volunteering is a great way to bond, network, and even get your group’s name announced on the air. For more information, email [email protected].

If this sounds like something you’d dig, click here to join KUTX’s Volunteers.