Score: 3.75 out of 5 Grackles

CP Loony – “Rebel Tape”


CP Loony – “Rebel Tape”

Record Label: self-released

Release Date: October 15, 2019

With the rap scene forever growing, and artists gaining steam with every release, none have grown or gained more than CP Loony. 2018 was a year of great strides for Loony – his single “Thru It All” being named a top 10 single by the Austin Chronicle, – and that set the stage for his debut. CP Loony doesn’t waste any time bringing the heat. The opening song, “A Rebel’s Story”, embodies Loony’s personality. He raps of his hopes, overcoming struggle and adversary, finding empowerment, and he spills out these heartfelt flows over the aggressive yet smooth production. Loony rolls right into the up-tempo, braggadocious track, “Fendi.” Even while rapping about draping his body in designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, he still finds a way to make the song inspiring. The Rebel Tape keeps a central theme of inspiration. On songs like “Hunger Pains” and “Greatness”, Loony wants his music to make a way for himself and his family. Yet along with the aspirational and uplifting raps, Loony comes hard with something for those in the streets. “Drop bombs ni**a, my OG is my moms ni**a…”, he raps in “Bombs”, a sentiment most in the streets can understand. With every line of Loony touting his street prowess, he follows up with a line explaining why that applies to someone coming from a similar environment. CP Loony has worked on his debut for years, and it shows. He’s crafted a personable, well rounded album that avoids placing himself in box, leaving him room to grow on future projects. By not following the typical constructs of most rappers, The Rebel Tape shows Loony as a true rebel against the current state of rap.

Review by Aaron “Fresh” Knight, Host - The Breaks