Artist of the Month: Dana Falconberry & Medicine Bow

Though she’s only been here a little more than a decade, it seems as though Dana Falconberry has always been among us. Rarely does a new talent emerge so fully realized. Falconberry came to Austin by way of her home state Michigan and college in Arkansas, and she has never been a casual observer of the world around her. Emotive and musically rich, her music celebrates her surroundings. On her new album, From The Forest Came The Fire (out April 1st), she’s gotten more collaborative. Medicine Bow, her musical partners for the past four years, gets equal billing here. She’s not only taken their influence, but her background in classical music and ballet, to bring to life a set of songs intentionally written in solitary natural settings. All of this contributes to Falconberry’s magic, and she taking her new material and her band on the road this summer to tour – where else? – the country’s National Parks.

– Jeff McCord

Listen to Dana Falconberry + Medicine Bow perform tracks from their new album in Studio 1A at the bottom of this post.