Artist of the Month: David Ramirez

Much has been made of the romance of the road. But for those who really experience it, driving thousands of miles weekly to get from one place to another, it can really be more akin to drudgery. Just ask Austin singer/songwriter David Ramirez, who has toured for years entirely on his own. “You know, when you travel around alone for months at a time, the world revolves around you. There’s no one else in the equation. And I’m ready to move on from that.”

It took a personal relationship to put things in perspective for Ramirez, who began recording – and then scrapped – an entire album in the three years since his last release. “It felt forced, he explains. “I don’t want to put it out there if I can’t stand behind it.”

His relationship with his girlfriend was getting more serious, which focused Ramirez more outwardly. “She knew me completely. It got me thinking about how much I bullsh*t in my life – exaggerating stories, faking a smile, or whatever. Just telling fables.”

Fables, his new album, lays Ramirez’s newfound emotional maturity on the table. Full of personal, stark tales that seem to yearn to connect to the world in a deeper sense, this also marks the beginning of a new chapter for the singer. He’s putting a full-time band together, and not just his band. “I’m trying to build a family of people who create together.”

–Jeff McCord

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