Artist of the Month: Moving Panoramas

Every month we turn the spotlight on a new release from a Texas artist with a series of weekly features that give you a sneak peek at the new music and some insight into the artist behind it.

Though longtime friends (they met in film school), as these things often go, both guitarist Leslie Sisson and drum Karen Skloss went on to develop their own distinct rock pedigrees. Karen joined forces with the Austin band Black Forest Fire, while Leslie was a member of the Wooden Birds (led by Andrew Kinney of the American Analog Set).

It took happenstance (Black Forest Fire needing a last minute fill-in) for Karen and Leslie to discover they were compatible musically as well.

As their mutual projects reached an end run, they decided it was time to make things official. Bolstered by bassist Rozie Castoe (who Leslie met when she directed a show at the School Of Rock), the trio found common ground in driving, gauzy pop atmospherics.

Taking the name Moving Panoramas, they signed to Modern Outsider Records, and began recording their anticipated debut album, One, which arrives October 2nd.

As the KUTX Artist of the Month for September, they take over our airwaves for My KUTX on 9/12, they will be featured as the Song of the Day on 9/14, and they are our guests for a special nighttime Studio 1A performance on Friday 9/25.