Artist of the Month: White Denim

Life is full of surprises, but this one came as a real shock. Guitarist/vocalist James Petralli’s relationship with drummer Josh Block predates even the 2006 beginnings of their band White Denim, and Austin Jenkins has been the band’s second guitarist since 2010. Petralli decided to make solo album last year under the name Bop English, in part because both Block and Jenkins were out on the road backing up a new artist by the name of Leon Bridges. Bridges’ career accelerated rapidly, and when Petralli turned his thoughts toward a new White Denim album, he got the word: Block and Jenkins weren’t coming back. So after ten years and six albums, the locked-tight rhythm section that fueled the band’s hyperkinetic kitchen-sink fusion was no more. Back to the drawing board. Assembling a new lineup, Petralli and bassist Steve Terebecki premiered White Denim 2.0 at a series of small venues last month to much acclaim, and their new album Stiff (out March 25th) sounds like the the band has barely skipped a beat.

– Jeff McCord (KUTX Music Director)

Saturday, March 12th – My KUTX (guest DJ set) at 6 p.m.

Thursday, March 17th – LIVE at the Four Seasons

Tuesday, March 29th – This Song w/ James Petralli