Calliope Musicals Build Something New

Artist of the Month - April, 2021


Photo By Kate Blaising

by Jeff McCord

Austin’s Calliope Musicals often call their music psychedelic, but don’t expect fuzz drones and sitars. They’re psychedelic only to the extent that their wild technicolor pop feels mind-expanding. Over the years their songs have exploded with ideas, pushing the limits of what three minutes could constrain. Yet on their new EP Between US, out April 23 on Spaceflight Records, something new takes over – call it rhythmic purpose.

Photo: David Brenden Hall

“Moonchaser” is a hooky pop-rocker that sticks to a hard driving blueprint. And the single, “Can You Tell Me”, beats an incessant pulse to a joyous finish. Production is still crazy, but everything feels more in service to the songs. Frontwoman Carrie Fussell says her favorite thing about the band is that  “it never gets too hung up on staying within the boxes we have built in the past. Describing the new EP (four new songs and a remix of Color/Sweat’s “Fear This Body”), Fussell describes it as “filled with features from so many people we love and played with over the years. It’s really an amalgamation of a couple of time periods and that’s a new thing for us.” It’s also resulted in some of their most powerful music to date.

Carrie Fussell of Calliope Musicals performs “Moonchaser” and “Can You Tell Me” for KUTX Pop-Up Session.
Cameras and Edit: Michael Minasi, Audio Mix: Jake Perlman, Producer: Deidre Gott