Hey Cowboy!

Austin experimental synth-pop trio Hey Cowboy! understands what makes a good name. After all, there’s no resisting an album titled Get in My Fanny Pack and Let’s Go, which is speckled with songs of equal curiosity (“Detective Farmer Brown,” “Hello Mr. Nasty,” “Queen Cactus.”) Fortunately, Hey Cowboy’s music more than lives up to the intrigue, and the album’s title serves as a testament to the songs contained inside — dreamy and playful and entirely individual.

Hey Cowboy! is drummer Gaby RodriguezSydney Harding-Sloan on synths and bassist Micah Vargas, with all three contributing vocals. Originally from Denton, the group relocated to Austin in late 2018, where they just celebrated their three-year “bandiversary.” There’s no guitar rounding out the trio, but you don’t miss it. Hey Cowboy! blends psychedelic, punk and ‘70s sci-fi movie soundtrack influences to create otherworldly atmospheres with ethereal harmonies; standout track “Cherry Jerry Citrus” conjures the kind of sunshiny spring haze that Texans can only dream about. Hey Cowboy! embraces their “yeehaw” nature with a coy wink, and true to their name, their starry-eyed dream pop sends you dancing into the moonlight.

– Annie Lyons