Photo by Julia Reihs/KUTX.

Two drummers meet at a baseball game. This sounds like the start of a joke, but this is how Charlie Martin and Will Taylor, two musicians with ambitions beyond their respective bands, came together to form Hovvdy. From the beginning it was eerie how well the pair collaborated. They dubbed their mysterious music “pillow core”, and their quiet, in-snyc harmonies framed their quiet and minimalist music, as they combined their song fragments into a compelling whole. Hovvdy soon developed a following and began touring well beyond the Austin city limits. For their third album, Heavy Lifterthe duo brought in producer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Littlejohn to fill out their sound, and dial up some of their tempos. Stripped of their fog, the songs find a warm nostalgia, and the rhythms lift up their music to make it even more immediate.

– Jeff McCord, KUTX Music Editor

The duo stopped by Studio 1A to give us the first scoop on their critically acclaimed third album before they embarked on the Heavy Lifter Tour. Check out our November Artist of the Month’s performance here, stay tuned to KUTX all month to hear more from the Austin natives, and catch them at Mohawk with Cross Record on December 14.