Jake Lloyd Social Distancing Pop-Up

 KUTX Artist of the Month, Jake Lloyd

Born in Austin and raised in Round Rock (Stoney Point class of ’07), Jake Lloyd has been honing his craft for over a decade now. His latest, the Lloyd Pack EP has influences of rock, R&B, Gospel, Country, and a little bit of everything in between. You’ve probably heard the single – “Crossroading,” in heavy rotation on KUTX.

As an essential worker in a warehouse distribution center, Lloyd has been going into work since the pandemic began, but he says it’s had a positive on his music career, “I think I have done more recording with other artists around town in the first seven months of 2020 than I have my whole career.  I have been getting releases ready, working the day job, and entertaining my kids at home so I have more than enough to keep me busy…Trying to be responsible and safe has been a heavy load, but I’m thankful.”

Watch Jake Lloyd and guitarist Don Denham perform “Crossroading” and “Daily Interlude” for our Social Distancing Pop-Up series.

Jake Lloyd – Captured from a safe distance by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon/KUTX, July 2020

“Crossroading” – Jake Lloyd

“‘Crossroading’ had originally been intended for the [2019] MoonLit Mornings record. At the last minute, after careful deliberation, we decided the song would be better received on a different project. It’s funny, Danny [Saldivar – longtime bandmate and producer] really wasn’t happy about taking it off, but with the great response the Lloyd Pack EP has gotten I think he sees we made the right decision. The song was an accident really; the first verse is a complete freestyle with the improvised yell at the end in my best Prince Rogers Nelson impression. Dan was like “keep it!” So we did. I love movies – westerns in particular – so it was important to recreate some of those same sounds, feelings, and stories that always stuck with me when I’d watch the classics.” – Jake Lloyd

Jake Lloyd and Don Denham – Captured from a safe distance by Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon/KUTX, July 2020

“Daily Interlude” – Jake Lloyd

“The running theme behind “Daily Interlude” is pressure. Pressure to prove I could write a pop song, pressure to get up for work when I’d rather be making music, pressure to be a good Dad etc. Danny [Saldivar – longtime bandmate and producer] and I had just developed a little recording routine right around the time the song was made. He was living off Braker Ln. so we’d go to our favorite brewery in that area, partake, and go back to the studio. That particular evening a lot had been going on with life, so I jokingly said, “Dan, we need to make a cynical anthem.” He laughed, as he usually does to all my ideas, and said, “if anyone can do it, you can.” We wrote, produced, and recorded the whole song that night! It went on to be the first single from MoonLit Mornings and a personal favorite of mine.” – Jake Lloyd


“Crossroading” from Lloyd Pack (Kicks and Khords 2020)
“Daily Interlude” From MoonLit Mornings (Keyz Street 2019)

Musicians: Jake Lloyd: vocals; Don Denham: guitar

Cameras and Edit: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon
Audio Mix: Jake Perlman