Jonathan Terrell

photo by Martin do Nascimento for KUTX

There’s a certain comfort to Jonathan Terrell’s spun tales. As his songs begin, it’s easy to ease in and listen up. Terrell, raised in East Texas, is, for lack of a better term, a country singer; one whose range-hardened cracked voice sings songs that are easy to understand. Yet he skirts the hackneyed clichés leaned on by a lot of his contemporary peers. He’s covered Mazzy Star, and fronted the explosive rock duo Not in the Face. Hoping to release his new album Westward, Terrell, like everyone else right now, has changed plans. He just released “Give It Time”, a transitory tale well suited for now, and on May 18th, comes a new ep, “Love Can Find You Anywhere” b/w “Everywhere I Go”. “Love” took root as a protest song, but Terrell injected positivity and made it a story of falling in love at a protest rally. “Everywhere I Go” is a lonely tale of traveling alone, written after Terrell’s near-death experience choking on prosciutto in a Paris apartment. But that’s another story. Supposed to be playing Stagecoach and touring Australia at this time, Terrell is instead sheltering in place. There’s a cool social distancing video of him playing in front of home you can see here. And listen for him hosting a My KUTX program later in May.

– Jeff McCord, KUTX Music Editor