Artist of the Month - July, 2024


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Superfónicos release their debut album, Renaceré, Friday, July 19 on Spaceflight Records

Over the last few years here in Austin, TX we’ve learned why Colombia is called the land of a thousand rhythms. We’re blessed with an abundance of musicians possessed by the country’s rich and groovy sonic heritage and nobody does it better than Superfónicos.

Original member Nicolás Sanchez was born in Texas, but his parents grew up in Colombia’s massive multicultural mountaintop capital, Bogota. As a child, he longed to connect with his heritage and music led the way back to his ancestral home. Since founded 2016, Superfónicos have been mixing Colombian Funk, Cumbia, and Afro-beat into the sounds of the city, and although they formed here in ATX, most members, like Sanchez, have deep roots in Colombia.

Considering how synonymous Superfónicos have become with the Austin Music Experience, you may be surprised they are releasing their debut LP this month! Renaceré has been a work in progress for several years, primarily recording at Lechehouse, run by Grammy award-winning guitarist, producer, and engineer Beto Martinez (who you may know from Grupo FantasmaBrownoutMoney Chicha, and Caramelo Haze) with additional recordings done with Jim Eno of Spoon at Public Hi-Fi.

Renaceré means “I will be reborn,” and Jaime Ospina (Lead Vocals, Gaita) explains, “This record is a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit and life. We all went through hard times in the last 4 years but here we are; breathing, singing, dancing and what not.” Nicolás adds, “The cycle of life and the concept of rebirth play heavily into the theme of the record. Many ups and downs happened during this period, for the band and society as a whole, but ultimately we came out of the process stronger, like a blade forged in the flames.”