Constant Bop 2

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Constant Bop 2

Posted by on Jul 9, 2020

Dude. Hopefully you were able to catch the recent White Denim/Radio Milk adventure time in covers-land, because it was magical. Frenzied, frantic, fun and funky – and holy hell, these cats know how to cover tunes. This is saying quite a bit, because your Austin Music Minute host admittedly does not lean toward cover song performances. In a nutshell, White Denim mad wizard James Petralli corrals a talented bunch of musical minds for a badass online happening. The viewer reaps all the benefits with extraordinary presentations of familiar favorites.

It’s time for the next round, Constant Bop 2, featuring Petralli and fellow White Denim hoodlum Michael Hunter taking on their favorite covers, with special guests Jeff Olson, Austin duo Beth // James, and Ian Salazar. Make sure you stick around after the show for a tour of the Radio Milk studio at the end.

The show kicks off at 8 p.m. Central tonight, Thursday July 9. Your virtual ticket provides a link to the live stream. Another top Bop.

-Photo of Michael Hunter and James Petralli courtesy of White Denim.