Disappearing Girl

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Disappearing Girl

Posted by on Jul 21, 2020

Here’s a heart that beats with the pulse of the Blue Ridge Mountains. But it’s Juliet McConkey‘s songwriting connecting to the universally heartfelt emotional roller coaster that pierces clean through. You hear it as she pinpoints a most heartbreaking revelation in her new single, “Hung the Moon” (featured on today’s AMM) with the realization that “the one” wasn’t the one after all. The tables are turned, and “I gotta have room…” takes on a new meaning.

Originally from Nelson County, VA, San Marcos-based McConkey built her musical career in Texas with several residency shows, and has opened for artists such as Kelly Willis and LeAnn Rimes. Now she’s releasing her debut LP Disappearing Girl next month. Hear some of the new songs when she joins songwriter James Steinle for a live stream performance at 8 p.m. Central tomorrow night, Wednesday July 22, from Hole In the Wall on Instagram.

-Photo by Hannah Cooper Photography.