KUTX Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

Getting your digital copy of the latest Live Volume from KUTX is very easy. If you selected download as your thank you gift, refer to the email you received from our membership folks and click on the desired link(s) included in that message. You will have three choices of file formats for the music, AIFF, FLAC and MP3. All tracks in these formats are ripped from our master copy of the volume.

AIFF files are CD-quality. AIFF files are much larger than MP3 files because they are of higher quality and equivalent to a mastered CD. The MP3 files we provide are high-quality copies encoded at 320 kbps. FLAC, Free Lossless Audio Codec, is an audio format that doesn’t sacrifice any of the musical information from the original source. FLAC’s lossless just like AIFF, but compresses into a slightly smaller file.

All the files also contain album, song and other data. Your computer may play them with iTunes, Windows Media Player, or one of many other audio players. The AIFF and MP3 tracks will also play on your iPod as well as most MP3 audio players and mobile devices. FLAC files presently aren’t supported by Apple.

The zip files include all the tracks from the CD. Click on the link to begin the download. Your computer will either automatically download the file to your Downloads folder or you will be prompted to make a choice to Open, Save or Cancel.

Once the zip file has downloaded completely it may prompt you to open it. If it doesn’t, locate the KUTX-Live-Vol-#-MP3.zip, KUTX-Live-Vol-#-FLAC.zip or KUTX-Live-Vol-#-AIFF.zip file and double click to open. All songs from the CD that we received permissions to make available as a digital copy are in this one file. When you open the file they will extract from the zip file, likely into the same folder on your computer, and you will be able to listen to them.

Enjoy these great performances from Studio 1A and other venues at KUTX-sponsored events!

Song List from KUTX Volume 13

  1. Johnny Marr – How Soon Is Now?
  2. Black Pumas – Black Moon Rising
  3. Julia Jacklin – Pressure To Party
  4. Bayonne – Drastic Measures
  5. Adia Victoria – Different Kind of Love
  6. Jeff Tweedy – I Know What It’s Like
  7. Hatchie – Without A Blush
  8. Wyclef Jean – Gone Till November
  9. Fontaines D.C. – Sha Sha Sha
  10. Molly Burch – To The Boys
  11. John Doe – The New World
  12. Lee Fields & The Expressions – It Rains Love
  13. Local Natives – Café Amarillo
  14. Patty Griffin – The Wheel
  15. Mac DeMarco – K
  16. Tuxedo – The Tuxedo Way
  17. Yeasayer – Ecstatic Baby
  18. Y La Bamba – Entre Los Dos
  19. Bill Callahan – Watch Me Get Married
  20. Erika Wennerstrom – Be Here To Love Me

Looking to download a previous KUTX Live volume?

Please email our membership department if you can’t find your link(s) to previous volumes. Thanks again for supporting public radio. Enjoy the music!