Best Songs Ever… 9.20.19


Best Songs Ever… 9.20.19

Posted by on Sep 19, 2019

Photos from left to right – (Dhani Harrison, Amber Mark, Little Simz)

KUTX Host Jack Anderson spills the beans on the BEST SONGS EVER! At least for this week.

Dhani Harrison- “Motorways (Erase It)”                                                                                                                                                 My first pick of the week comes from Dhani Harrison. For an only child of a Beatle, the pressure is on and the bar is high. But Dhani does a great job of channeling father George’s classic psychedelia while keeping his own modern tastes front and center. Here’s Dhani Harrison, “Motorways (Erase It).”

Amber Mark-“What If”
While we’re talking about musicians pulling from past decades, let’s check in with Amber Mark. Mark’s R&B/soul first caught our attention with her 2018 debut EP, and since then she’s been teasing us with her vocal talent one single at a time. This latest song, “What If,” sounds like it’s straight out of a 1980s Quincy Jones production.

Little Simz-“Selfish”
Last up, we visit London with rising hip-hop artist Little Simz. Her third full-length Grey Area dropped in Spring but the caliber of its features still warrant plenty of spins going into fall. “Selfish” is a perfect example of Simz’s laid-back style, balanced out with the delicate falsetto of fellow Londoner Cleo Sol.
Best Songs Ever…9.13.19


Best Songs Ever…9.13.19

Posted by on Sep 13, 2019

Photos from left to right – (Lillie Mae; Shannon Lay; SOAK)

KUTX Host Laurie Gallardo spills the beans on the BEST SONGS EVER! At least for this week.

Lillie Mae – “Crisp and Cold”

My first selection comes from an artist I’ve been hooked on for awhile now, since her 2017 debut album Forever and Then Some, on Jack White’s Third Man Records. Lillie Mae has played fiddle since she was three. She’s also an accomplished vocalist and songwriter coming into her own now with an awesome, searing new album, Other Girls. This one is darker and more intense. And her voice has a unique power to it; she can sound vulnerable, then unabashedly damning, all at once. And that’s why I love it so much. From this new album, I’ve got this track for you, “Crisp and Cold.”

Shannon Lay – “August”

Next up is the title track to Shannon Lay’s official debut on the Sub Pop label, “August.” This is also Lay’s first solo album that she recorded with Ty Segall. Lay is awesome on multiple levels; not only does she own this gorgeous folk aesthetic, but she also makes music with punk quartet Feels, and she performs in Segall’s Freedom Band. “August” is in reference to the time in 2017 when she quit her day job and committed herself entirely to music.

SOAK – “Knock Me Off My Feet”

And my third pick is by Northern-Irish songwriter Bridie Monds-Watson, better known as SOAK. You may have seen SOAK a few years back doing a Tiny Desk Concert on NPR Music. The track I have for you today is “Knock Me Off My Feet,” from her latest album Grim Town. It’s been described as a kind of love letter to small-town culture, and that often, we can be our own best friends and our worst enemies. This is SOAK, with “Knock Me Off My Feet.”

Hi, How Are You – Remembering Daniel Johnston


Hi, How Are You – Remembering Daniel Johnston

Posted by on Sep 11, 2019

photo by Todd V. Wolfson

An Austin musician known for his intimate, homemade recordings died this morning at his home outside Houston, according to a statement from his family. Daniel Johnston was 58.

“He was always, everywhere, warmly received and he at least knew he was well loved,” his older brother Dick Johnston said. “Health issues have plagued us for years, but I’m glad for the time we had.”

The city of Austin recognizes January 22, Johnston’s birthday, as “Hi, How Are You Day” to encourage discussion around mental health issues. The name comes from the famous mural by Johnston on Guadalupe Street titled “Jeremiah the Innocent,” which has been vandalized and restored a number of times.

“He showed up here in Austin in the mid-80’s handing out his homemade cassettes, at a time when nobody was doing anything like that,” KUTX Music Editor Jeff McCord said.

“They were very much homegrown projects and very awkward singing and playing, but beneath them were these amazing songs,” he said.

Johnston gained a measure of fame thanks to other local bands covering his songs, and his national profile was raised when Nirvana lead signer Kurt Cobain wore a “Hi, How Are You?” t-shirt at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards.

[republished courtesy of KUT]

In this clip from 2005, M.Ward talks to KUTX  about how he discovered Daniel Johnston’s music while in high school and the immediate connection he felt with the Austinite’s outsider perspective.

Mates of State cover one of Daniel Johnston’s most loved songs, “Portrait of An Artist,” during a taping for Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child.

Best Songs Ever … 9.1.19


Best Songs Ever … 9.1.19

Posted by on Sep 2, 2019

Photos from left to right – (Golden Dawn Arkestra; Brittany Howard; Chance the Rapper and Ben Gibbard)

KUTX Host Jay Trachtenberg spills the beans on the BEST SONGS EVER! At least for this week.

Golden Dawn Arkestra- “Mama Se”

First up is one of Austin’s favorite party bands, Golden Dawn Arkestra. They get their spiritual influence from the Sun Ra Arkestra, and their musical influences are all over the map. “Mama Se” borrows from Central African soukous, West African Afro-beat, and a twinge of psych rock thrown in for good measure.

Brittany Howard- “Stay High”

Up next is the powerful vocalist Brittany Howard. We know her for fronting the band Alabama Shakes, but she’s stepping out on her own with Jamie, her solo debut out September 20. Her sweet, soulful voice really shines on “Stay High,” and you can see her at ACL Fest in October.

Chance the Rapper- “Do You Remember” (ft. Death Cab for Cutie)

This last song is one we can all relate to with its bittersweet remembrances of childhood summers. Chance the Rapper and Death Cab For Cutie singer Benjamin Gibbard wax melancholic on this beautiful song about summers past called “Do You Remember.”

Introducing Soundfounder


Introducing Soundfounder

Posted by on Aug 31, 2019

Photo by Michael Minasi/KUTX

On September 7th, KUTX launches a new show, hosted by Austin’s Soundfounder every Saturday night, 1-2 a.m. Episodes will also be available on-demand in the near future. Soundfounder will play electronic, modern jazz, and modern funk music from Austin and around the world, featuring new releases and old classics. Expect everything from Flying Lotus, DJ Shadow, and Radiohead to the best up-and-coming producers you need to know.

Soundfounder is the moniker for Andrew Brown, who makes electronic music under that name too. In 2010, Brown co-founded Exploded Drawing, a monthly event that spotlights emerging electronic music from Austin and around the country. Brown also runs Exploded Records, a record shop located within JuiceLand on 45th and Duval.