Best Songs Ever 03.29.19


Best Songs Ever 03.29.19

Posted by on Mar 27, 2019

Photos (L/R): Night Glitter, Tom Petty, Adia Victoria

Jody Denberg shares the best songs ever…this week. 

Night Glitter-“Transparency”
Austin’s Night Glitter is essentially singer LouLou Ghelichkhani from Thievery Corporation and bassist John Michael Schepf, who just finished about a dozen gigs with Ben Dickey at SXSW. Together as Night Glitter, they’ve put out an EP, and their new single is “Transparency,” sung in French by Ghelichkhani.

Tom Petty- “For Real”
Tom Petty has been gone for a couple of years, but there’s been a couple of archival releases already. The first, American Treasure, was almost all previously-unreleased material. The new one, The Best Of Everything, has two previously-unreleased songs. Check out “For Real,” recorded in 2000–it almost sounds like Tom is talking to us from the great beyond.

Adia Victoria- “A Different Kind Of Love”

Recently, Tennessee-based poet and songwriter Adia Victoria visited KUTX’s Studio 1A. Her second album, Silences, is amazing, punctuated by the rocker “Different Kind Of Love.”