KUTX Presents: A Kate Bush Bash

Location: 3TEN ACL Live

Date: Jul 30, 2022

KUTX Presents

KUTX is partnering with Spaceflight Records and Nine Mile Records to bring you a Kate Bush Tribute show, benefitting Free Lunch, a collective of Austin creatives who reduce food insecurity by growing, cooking, and serving food and engaging in food access advocacy.


Sabrina Ellis (Sweet Spirit/ A Giant Dog)
Kalu James (Kalu and the Electric Joint)
Carrie Fussell (Calliope Musicals)
Jonathan Hortsmann (Urban Heat)
Mariclaire Glaeser, Sarah Dossey, Primo the Alien (KVN)
Nnedi Agbaroji (Trouble in the Streets, Golden Dawn Arkestra)
Anastasia Wright (Hong Kong Wigs)
Benjamin Violet (Pelvis Wrestley)
Pearl Z (Kalu and the Electric Joint)