KUTX Event Banner: Bayonne with live ensemble (orchestrated), at the 04 Center, Austin Texas. March 22nd, 2024.

KUTX Presents: Bayonne with Live Ensemble (Orchestrated)

Location: The 04 Center

Date: Mar 22, 2024

Time: Doors: 7 P.M. | Show: 8 P.M.

KUTX Presents

Emerging from the shared experience of losing their fathers, ‘Temporary Time (Orchestrated)’ is a collaborative project weaving Bayonne’s visceral songwriting with Nathaniel Earl’s lush orchestral composition. Employing a small chamber orchestra, they have reimagined four of Bayonne’s most personal songs and crafted a new piece that encapsulates the emotional journey from grief to hope. Composed during the summer of 2023 at each other’s home studios in Austin, TX, Bayonne and Nathaniel broke down each piece to a stencil foundation, then infused the negative space with vibrant colors of orchestra and synths, yielding a collection more closely resembling a symphonic structure than a traditional album. On March 22nd the two bring their collaboration to the stage at the 04 Center in Austin, TX with Bayonne performing songs new and old for the first time with a live ensemble.