Austin Music Minute

Hosted By and Laurie Gallardo

Musician and host Laurie Gallardo recaps tonight’s best bet for a great Austin music experience. Produced at KUT & KUTX Studios.


  • This is guaranteed LIT. The crowd will be jumping. It’s not a prediction, just something you need to know about live shows with Trouble In the Streets. Songwriter/vocalist Nnedi Agbaroji leads the way through a barrage of colossal electro/hip-hop/rap mastery, and this time, the band brings new music that Kevin […]
  • It’s a kind of ’70s soul vibe that draws you in to Sir Woman. Singer Kelsey Wilson has the smooth vocal delivery that owns that sensuality. The multi-Austin Music Award winning band redefines love songs with extra heat on their full-length R&B-fueled debut Party City, with backing vocalists Spice and […]
  • Nine-year-old Javon lives the 7th Ward of New Orleans, and looks up to his older brother. He wants to play trumpet in marching band someday, following his brother’s footsteps, but the realities of Javon’s environment are closing in. Is there even a moment for him to enjoy his childhood, let […]
  • As we enter the remaining days of Love Austin Music Month, KUTX is here to remind you: The key is to show love for our local artists all year round, from buying artists’ music and going to shows, to supporting local nonprofits who support our artists, like the Austin Music […]
  • No excuses needed for making any night a cumbia night, querida, but it’s awesome to see Hotel Vegas Cumbia Night making a fabulous return tonight, Saturday Jan. 21 at Hotel Vegas for your dancing pleasure. ¡Y no olvides la musica! Starting out the night is Cumbia Austin, providing a free […]