Song Confessional

On the Song Confessional Podcast, today’s top bands and songwriters turn anonymous stories into new original songs. Each episode features the “confession” that inspires the original song, the song premiere, and an interview with the songwriter. Song Confessional is hosted by Walker Lukens and Zac Catanzaro and is a collaboration with KUTX radio in Austin, Texas.


  • This week launches the first episode in our new season! For the first time, we’re pulling an unreleased track from the vault inspired by the 2018 midterms. Austin-based, Columbian fusion outfit, Superfónicos, wrote and live recorded a groovy track encouraging us all to get out and vote.  
  • This is our last offering in our unedited interview series from the Hotel Magdalena season. It features Fat Tony chopping it up with Walker about all things Houston and how beautiful it is to fall in love. If you like our show, please rate and review us down below!
  • We had a number of great interviews from our latest Hotel Magdalena season. This week, we’re revisiting Cashandra (Sabrina Ellis & Andrew Cashen of Sweet Spirit & A Giant Dog) where they discuss how their time at the hotel brought them back to their roots of songwriting, growing up playing […]
  • We had a number of great interviews from our latest Hotel Magdalena season that we wanted to release the full interviews to check out! We’re revisiting Boyfriend’s interview from earlier this year where she discusses her songwriting process, her father’s songwriting prowess, and a little incident with cupcakes at Cheer […]
  • This week wraps up our mini-season featuring stories collected in our permanent confessional booth at Hotel Magdalena! Our final confession comes from a couple that had just finished an X-rated tryst here in the heart of our city. San Francisco-based Hot Flash Heat Wave writes us a dreamy pop track […]