Song of the Day

Hosted By and Jack Anderson

The KUTX music team looks high and low for songs and artists that should be on your radar. It’s a no-frills showcase for some of the great music that comes through the “live music capital of the world.” Join us to discover new music and revisit some old favorites — one song at a time. Produced by KUT & KUTX Studios.


  • We hope you’ve been enjoying the start of our Under the Covers weekend! And since it’s so warm and snuggly under here, we certainly won’t be the ones to tear the blanket off. One of my personal favorite things to discover in hearing a new rendition of an established classic […]
  • Based on one fossil of a film franchise, we’ve pretty much come to belief that most archaeologists have some sort of a side hustle. And although they haven’t had escapades like Indy’s quite yet, today we’re digging into Austin’s Bennett Dampier. Dampier recently wrapped up his Master’s in Archaeology at […]
  • Without a cursory glance at the classical glossary, the term “chamber” might be a bit off-putting. No, it’s not music to be tortured to, nor the ambiance you’d hear in a musty dungeon. Instead, when we talk about “chamber music“, we’re really referring to palatial arrangements and efficient approaches that […]
  • Back in the Summer of 2018 a somewhat unexpected pairing popped up and completely blew all of us at KUTX away. I’m talking about Austin duo (and our July 2018 Artist of the Month) Night Glitter, although technically you could call them a supergroup, considering its core is composed of […]
  • Last March we tipped you off about Austin’s Light Wheel, right around the release of their sophomore LP See Through. The Shining-level chemistry between producer Evan Dunivan and vocalist Tyagaraja Welch is still going strong, and still, according to them, best enjoyed live. Rounded out with a two-man rhythm section, […]