Born Ruffians: “We Made It”

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Born Ruffians: “We Made It”

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015

Photo by Maya Fuhr

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“Fake it til you make it” might be a cliched phrase, but it’s a good piece of advice, especially for bands. Toronto’s Born Ruffians have been following that advice for a decade, making big pop songs that smuggle in some jittery weirdness at the edges. RUFF, the band’s fourth, is simultaneously their biggest and weirdest yet. Giant choruses share space with inside jokes and choppy rhythms, sounding like a snarkier Talking Heads.

“We Made It” is Born Ruffians’ origin story, but it’s a lot more nervous than the declarative chorus suggests. You don’t quite believe that the band is this positive, and that’s exactly what makes it so believable. Listen to┬áthe song below and catch Born Ruffians at the Sidewinder on November 10.

–Art Levy

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