Dexter Story: “Gold” (featuring Sudan Archives)

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Dexter Story: “Gold” (featuring Sudan Archives)

Posted by on Mar 29, 2019

Composer. Music Director. Producer. Call him whatever you want but there’s no doubting the musical genius behind L.A.’s Dexter Story.

Between pursuing his Ph.D in African Studies & Ethnomusicology, participating in community outreach, producing albums and playing a management role for Snoop Dogg, Story somehow finds time for his own songwriting. Story’s brand new full-length, Bahir, picks up where his debut Wondem left off in Story’s personal exploration of African music. Based on Story’s time there, Bahir incorporates nearly a dozen different styles ranging from Ethio-groove to Somali soul and features an insane lineup of international talent.

You can hear Bahir in full now and if you want a look at one of those fresh features, enjoy a track vocally embossed by Sudan Archives, “Gold”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Farah Sosa