Gilberto Rodriguez y Los Intocables: “Sentimiento Azulejo”

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Gilberto Rodriguez y Los Intocables: “Sentimiento Azulejo”

Posted by on Sep 7, 2018

Guitarist-vocalist Gilberto Rodriguez has become somewhat of an authority figure on contemporary Chicano soul, beginning with his 2015 debut LP. These days he’s backed by a Bay Area four-piece and joined by a couple guest vocalists, who bill themselves collectively as Gilberto Rodriguez y Los Intocables.

With Rodriguez at the helm, Los Intocables hold their own with prominent Afro-Latin percussion, lush trumpet arrangements and bold bass lines. Gilberto Rodriguez y Los Intocables just released their first full-length as a band, Sabor Maracuyá Desnuda, a record sizzling with Afro-Caribbean ambiance. Check out one of the album’s more ethereal numbers and sink into the weekend with “Sentimiento Azulejo”.

Jack Anderson