Henry Jamison: “Ether Garden”

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Henry Jamison: “Ether Garden”

Posted by on Feb 6, 2019

His lineage traces back to Civil War songwriter George Frederick Root and 14th century poet John Gower, but Vermont’s Henry Jamison challenges the same antiquated notions of masculinity from which he’s descended. With a Nick Drake-like baritone voice and narrative lyrics reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, Jamison’s 2017 debut The Wilds earned him international acclaim and touring spots alongside Big Thief, Caroline Rose and more.

Jamison’s upcoming sophomore LP Gloria Duplex centers itself around a coming-of-age theme, reconciling past imperfections and idealized futures through soft hypnotic folk. Gloria Duplex is out this Friday, followed by an international tour, so let’s drift off this Hump Day with a metaphor-heavy lullaby from Henry Jamison,  “Ether Garden”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Patrick McCormack