Joel Laviolette & Rattletree Marimba: “Joy”

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Joel Laviolette & Rattletree Marimba: “Joy”

Posted by on Feb 18, 2015

Photo by Dale Rempert

It’s not every day that a band wheels in giant homemade marimbas into our Studio 1A. Joel Laviolette & Rattletree Marimba make all their instruments, which are often so big that the player needs to stand on a stool to reach them. The group draws from African musical traditions in their playing, but they mix in electronic elements for a sound that blurs the line between dance and rock. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a Map Jam performance, and you can catch Joel Laviolette & Rattletree Marimba this Saturday at Pan Am Park at 5 p.m. Download a Studio 1A version of “Joy” below.

–Art Levy

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