Lord Buffalo: “Halle Berry”

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Lord Buffalo: “Halle Berry”

Posted by on Apr 1, 2020

For many groups, self-assigned and off-kilter genre labels tend to overdo it when describing a sound. But somehow (almost inexplicably), Austin four-piece¬†Lord Buffalo stays true to descriptors like “mud-folk”, “ghost-town Americana”, and even “Crappalachian butt rock”.

Going back to their 2012 eponymous debut, these bison barons have stirred up a soil between rustic soul tones, stony-faced vocals, gloomy psychedelic arrangements, and grimy rhythms. And since then Lord Buffalo’s continued to roam around the Lone Star State on a mission to keep classic Southern styles from going extinct in the modern era. Last Friday Lord Buffalo pulled their latest hide off the tanning rack, Tohu Wa Bohu, featuring eight-tracks that’ll keep you content in these trying times, one of which certainly gives the quartet some solid celebrity status,¬†“Halle Berry”!

Jack Anderson