Maple Glider: “Good Thing”

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Maple Glider: “Good Thing”

Posted by on Mar 18, 2021

Throughout this whole pandemic thing, Australia’s been on their game pretty much the whole time…and not just in terms of quarantine conditions. No, we’ve heard some pretty incredible music come from Down Under in the past year, including the ascending songwriter Maple Glider.

Glider began establishing herself in Melbourne at the start of her twenties, eventually co-founding the duo Seavera before relocating to Brighton, U.K., where she cemented some of her most personal compositions under her own name. Now back in Melbourne, Maple Glider seems to be in full swing with her budding career, and having only released her sophomore single (and music video) in the past month, her music has proved be an especially “Good Thing” to keep on your music radar.

Jack Anderson

–Photo: Bridgette Winten

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