Miles Tackett: “Everything” (On The Sly Remix)

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Miles Tackett: “Everything” (On The Sly Remix)

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015

A lot of rap songs are mini musical history lessons. Producers will pull samples and drum breaks from hundreds of sources, like a rhythm from an old funk track or a melody from a forgotten orchestral recording. L.A.’s Miles Tackett grew up listening to rap, and he especially loved these breaks. He formed a band in 1997 called Breakestra that strictly covered Tackett’s favorite breaks–a funk band for a new generation.

Last year, Tackett released The Fool Who Wonders, a solo album that focuses on Tackett’s own funk songwriting. Just like his rap heroes, he realized there are an infinite number of ways of approaching a song. For the propulsive centerpiece “Everything,” Tackett recorded three different versions before adding a dub-influenced remix for good measure. We’re featuring this remix as today’s song of the day–download it below and catch Tackett tonight at the Continental Club.

–Art Levy