Night Moves: “Border On Border” (Live in Studio 1A)

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Night Moves: “Border On Border” (Live in Studio 1A)

Posted by on Jun 7, 2016

Take a step back, Bob Seger. No work needs to be done on these Night Moves. The Minneapolis quintet (with core duo Micky Alfano and John Pelant) specializes in nostalgic soft rock, exemplified by ever-present reverb and lightly-articulated vintage instrumentation. Night Moves’ sophomore full-length album, Pennied Days, sonically recalls a lot of recognizable classic rock tones, utilizing guitar timbres that would feel right at home on Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy and organ riffs reminiscent of ELO’s Face the Music. The Studio 1A version of “Border On Border” travels calmly, feeling like an unhurried dream.

Pennied Days is out now via Domino.

–Jack Anderson