Roosevelt: “Forgive” (feat. Washed Out)

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Roosevelt: “Forgive” (feat. Washed Out)

Posted by on Sep 26, 2018

German-born singer-songwriter Marius Lauber has come a long way since his early days playing drums for an teenage indie group; now we know him best as Roosevelt. Lauber made his premiere as Roosevelt in 2013 with the EP Elliot, following it up with his 2016 self-titled full-length. Now at twenty-seven, this producer is hungry for bigger, burlier and brighter beats and he’s delivered just that with the latest Roosevelt record.

Roosevelt navigates through the electronic spectrum from synth-pop to chill-wave and everywhere in between with a dozen new tracks on Young Romance, coming out this Friday. In the meantime, satiate your synth sensibilities with the penultimate number from Young Romance, featuring Washed Out, “Forgive”!

Jack Anderson