SMiiLE: “The Way You Remind Me”

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SMiiLE: “The Way You Remind Me”

Posted by on Mar 6, 2019

If you don’t remember the band Dreamboat, all you need to know is that it was essentially phase one for what is now one of Austin’s most prominent indie pop rock groups, SMiiLE. Singer-guitarist-producer Jake Miles fronts SMiiLE, joined by vocalists Mary Bryce and Annie Long and further rounded out with bassist Harrison Anderson and drummer Greg Clifford. These best friends-turned-bandmates and their flipped frown sound have consistently led to packed shows with a lot of emotions in the air. SMiiLE has been teasing their upcoming sophomore album with a series of staggered double side releases, and we’re officially four tunes in!

Join the positivity 7AM next Friday when SMiiLE kicks off Day 3 of KUTX Live at the Four Seasons and check out the dimple-inducing music video for one of this quintet’s latest songs, “The Way You Remind Me“!

Jack Anderson