Spooky Mansion: “Real Jerk”

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Spooky Mansion: “Real Jerk”

Posted by on Aug 28, 2019

A quick glance at the name “Spooky Mansion” should tell you at least one thing about this West Coast quintet; “these guys are gonna be fun.” And although there is a decidedly playful nature to the group, they’re always tossing themselves in a moody current of serious surf-rock. After establishing themselves in the Bay Area, these L.A.-based hedonists have had no trouble maintaining an impressive following, thanks to their upbeat indie-infusions that take cues from The Beach Boys and Thelonious Monk just as much as from Horace Silver and Pixies.

Recently, Spooky Mansion teamed up with Quadrophenia¬†Chief Engineer Ron Nevison to produce the upcoming EP, That’s Me! , out October 29th. We’re eager to see what Spooky Mansion pulls out of the woodwork for¬†That’s Me! and today they’ve given us a pretty good idea…check out the infectious animated music video alongside the album’s lead single, “Real Jerk”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Sam Yang