Tekla Waterfield & Jeff Fielder: “Let There Be”

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Tekla Waterfield & Jeff Fielder: “Let There Be”

Posted by on Nov 2, 2020

Aside from the obvious connection of well, their marriage, Seattle’s Tekla Waterfield & Jeff Fielder have had their musical collaborations in the books since Waterfield’s 2018 LP The Curtain Falls. Multi-instrumentalist/producer Fielder’s spent years cutting his teeth across the globe as touring guitarist for acts like Indigo Girls and Mark Lanegan, while Waterfield’s established a legacy of pro-feminist activism that pairs perfectly with the songwriter’s take on the Americana genre.

Waterfield & Fielder’s upcoming debut as a duo, Trouble In Time, finds the couple coalescing elements of soft rock, indie folk, and soul into a seamless sound. Trouble In Time is out next January and its lead single “Let There Be” will help you appreciate being in the moment, no matter how tough it may be.

Jack Anderson

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