Tele Novella: “Words That Stay” [PREMIERE]

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Tele Novella: “Words That Stay” [PREMIERE]

Posted by on Nov 10, 2020

Perpetually enthralled by a vintage aesthetic, Lockhart-breaker-turned-Austinite duo Tele Novella keep the kitsch close at hand. But that’s not to say that retro collectors Natalie Ribbons and Jason Chronis don’t make sincere compositions for contemporary listeners; instead their hive mind produces a timeless, stripped-down style of Western-leaning lo-fi psych-folk pop.

Tele Novella’s surreal meets rustic style returns after the static of 2020 with the upcoming Merlynn Belle LP, due out next February. And for all those medieval lovers out there, you definitely won’t want to miss the sophomore record’s new single and corresponding music video, “Words That Stay”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Julian Neel

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