The Sour Notes: “Shoulda” [PREMIERE]

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The Sour Notes: “Shoulda” [PREMIERE]

Posted by on Aug 5, 2019

Unlike an popped bottle of wine, Austin rock group The Sour Notes only gets better and better with the years. They’ve been turning heads for more than a decade now and their robust discography is accessible to say the least, with everything from delicate, acoustic Americana to roof-rattling rock that can take a left turn from punk to prog when you least expect it.

In 2019 The Sour Notes have decided to take a more minimalist approach for the upcoming seventh full-length, with sparse overdubbing and more bold, stripped-down arrangements. They’ve been giving sneak previews in the form of serially-released 7-inches and today The Sour Notes have invited us to help share one of their best yet: A three-minute non-stop full-speed psych-punk-rock adventure entitled, “Shoulda”!

-Jack Anderson

2017 Studio 1A Session