Japanese Breakfast 4.10.18

Studio 1A Sessions

Japanese Breakfast 4.10.18

Posted by on Apr 12, 2018

Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast is not afraid to face life’s mysteries and grievances in her albums. Her first album, Psychopomp, was written in the wake of her mother’s death, resulting in a vulnerable and raw record. Before writing her latest album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, Zauner was planning on it being a conceptual album. Although Soft Sounds did not end up a concept album, it still deals with the common theme of space and divinity. Zauner explained that “when human beings confront trauma, we oftentimes disassociate from it” and how we “want a life greater than [our] personal struggles.” Her clear voice floats high above the shoegaze sound of her band and transports you to another world. Japanese Breakfast played a sold-out show at Scoot Inn, and you can listen to their Studio 1A Session below!

-Eileen Wolfowicz

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