Mild High Club 9.6.2016

Studio 1A Sessions

Mild High Club 9.6.2016

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016

Crack open a can of Billy Beer and get excited, because Mild High Club is back with a brand new album.  The new album continues the resurgence of the 70’s soft rock revival, while filtering it through a heavier, psychedelic vibe.  Skiptracing is Alex Brettin’s follow up to last year’s Timeline, and it allows Brettin to further distinguish himself from the tired comparisons to Mac Demarco and other Steely Dan aficionados. It’s the perfect soundtrack for your end of summer comedown party.  You can catch Mild High Club’s Studio 1A session right here, and they also stopped by the Mohawk with The Rotten Mangos and Tamarron.


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