KUTX Volunteer Orientation

Part 2: What Volunteers Do

There are two primary ways to volunteer for KUTX: on the KUTX Street Team and as a KUTX Ambassador.


Visibility in the community is crucial to KUTX’s mission. Because the KUTX staff is small, we depend on our volunteers for help with this at concerts around town. Members of KUTX’s Street Team attend selected concerts, and are tasked with hanging KUTX banners and distributing swag at the venue.

These are the duties for KUTX Street Team events: 

  • Stop by KUTX during business hours to pick up a volunteer event kit (a bag containing banners, swag, tape, and zip ties);
  • Show up at the concert venue 30 minutes before doors open;
  • Come as you are! You do not need to wear a KUTX t-shirt for Street Team events.
  • Check in with venue staff about where you can hang banners, then hang banners where instructed;
  • Place swag (stickers, buttons, koozies) around the venue:
  • Swag should be placed in high-traffic areas (i.e., next to cash registers at the bar, cocktail tables, merchandise tables, etc.)
  • Enjoy the show! Your admission will be covered and, in most cases, you’ll also receive a plus-one for a friend.
  • Optional: Post photos to the KUTXStreetTeam Instagram account!
  • You will not need to return the banners or leftover swag to KUTX.
  • You’ll be responsible for your own transportation to the venue, as well as parking. Public transportation or ridesharing is encouraged.
  • Let us know how it went! After the show, send feedback, if any, to the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator.



KUTX Ambassadors are our representatives in the community (and should, therefore, be our biggest fans.) In addition to the duties required for Street Team events, like hanging banners, these volunteers also work a table or booth, handing out swag and talking up the station to event attendees.

These are the duties for KUTX Ambassador Events:

  • In most cases, you won’t need to pick up swag from KUTX.
  • Wear your baby-blue KUTX Volunteer t-shirt (we’ll provide one for you when you sign up for your first Ambassador shift);
  • Show up at least 10 minutes before your shift start time;
  • Work solo, alongside a fellow volunteer, or with KUTX staff, and interact with event attendees:
  • Hand out stickers and other swag provided
  • Encourage people to sign up for a newsletter or giveaway (if a sign-up sheet is included in the swag bag)
  • Talk about KUTX (programming, membership, etc.)
  • Optional: Post photos to the KUTXStreetTeam Instagram account!
  • In some cases, you may need to pick up or return swag from/to KUTX – this will be noted in the shift details, so you’ll know before signing up if that’s required. You may also need to set up the KUTX table in these instances, and instructions on how to do that will be provided.
  • You’ll be responsible for your own transportation. In most cases (unless specified), you’ll also be responsible for your own parking. Public transportation or ridesharing is encouraged.
  • Let us know how it went! After the event, send feedback, if any, to the KUTX Volunteer Coordinator.



Are you a KUTX fanatic who’s comfortable talking to strangers? KUTX Ambassador would be a great fit for you. Volunteers on this team should enjoy chatting with new people, as well as have at least a basic familiarity with KUTX’s playlist, host schedule, and membership model. Wondering if you’ve got what it takes? We recommend taking this quick quiz to see if you’re ready to be an Ambassador (it’ll open in a new tab so you can come back here.)

Not quite ready for that level of interaction? The KUTX Street Team is great for you if you love seeing live music, as most of the shifts involve hanging banners at concerts.

If you’re looking for the most opportunities to volunteer, joining both teams will ensure that! (So even if you decide you’re ready for the KUTX Ambassador Team, make sure you’re also on the KUTX Street Team, or you won’t be notified of all opportunities!)

If you register to volunteer but don’t join any teams, you won’t be notified of any volunteer opportunities with KUTX. We’ll get into registration, teams, and scheduling in just a bit but, first, let’s cover some basic Volunteer Etiquette …