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What musical experience most set you on the path to a career in radio?

I grew up in the Twin Cities, which has a pretty great history of radio on both the commercial side; KJ-104, KLBB, Rev-105, and non-comm; Radio K, KFAI, and the Minnesota Public Radio juggernaut, including news, classical, and The Current. I did radio in college at Macalester, 10 Blazing Watts of Power, and always was looking for a way back in…and so I started Spare the Rock back in 2005. Of course, as for many radio people of my age, I’d be lying if I didn’t also mention watching WKRP in Cincinnati.

What’s your favorite Austin music experience so far?

I love being a member of Black Fret, getting to support local artists as they figure out the next step, and I adore Sound on Sound, and Fun Fun Fun before that.

Why public rather than commercial radio?

I’ve been on both, and our show is syndicated to other stations, including some commercial, and I have a lot of love for many commercial stations too. But public radio, it seems to me, is more consistently truly about the local community, about connecting that local community to the broader world, whether musical or otherwise, and about music discovery.

How do you spend your time when you’re not spinning records on the air?

I hang out with our kids — I especially love watching Liam’s marching band in the fall (go LBJ Jaguars); I run a record label that has raised over $125,000 in donations for non-profits, and I see a lot of music. Plus I have a day job as a lawyer.

Finish the sentence: “Austin Music Is ….”

…so freaking great I can hardly stand it.