Molly Burch

Growing up in LA with movie business parents didn’t set her a similar path, but at a young age, Molly Burch did discover she loved something else – singing. So off she went to Asheville, NC to study jazz vocals. There her rich voice thrived, and before long, she met a musical kindred spirit – guitarist Dailey Tolliver. Looking for more singing opportunities, Burch migrated to Austin, and while gaining a footing in her new home, began to experiment with writing her own material. By the time Tolliver joined her in Austin a year later, she had plenty of songs to record, so they went to Cross Record’s Dripping Springs studio and made her debut album, Please Be Mine, in just two days. Burch’s singing style is a bit of a throwback, she seems more inspired by the lay-back cool of Nina Simone and Sam Cooke than by modern-day American Idol histrionics. Like her influences, her songs speak of romance and yearning, but she’s not a nostalgia act. Her album, which will be released February 17th, rings out with freshness and confidence.

– Jeff McCord, KUTX Music Director


2/17 @ End of an Ear


3/15 – 3/18 @ SXSW

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