A San Padre Trip

You never know what’s boiling beneath the surface. On A. Sinclair‘s fifth studio LP San Padre, start with“Lean Into It,” the intense opener pairing songwriter/vocalist Aaron Sinclair with Sean Murphy that lures you in with an eerily soft build, compelling one to…well, lean into it. And lean closer. But mind the headphones. The acoustic traversing gives way to a furious burst of mutilating shreds and visceral screams into the void.

Darkness courses through the album’s melodic veins, and Sinclair revels in a handful of collaborative efforts with a few familiar voices in the journey, including Murphy, Michael Booher, Dave Vicini (Beat Awfuls), and Strange Pains. Connect to this latest release ASAP, then experience it live when A. Sinclair performs tomorrow night, Wednesday July 20, at The Pershing, 2415 E. 5th St. Doors open at 7 p.m.

AMM July 19 2022

A. Sinclair performs at The Pershing, Wednesday July 20.

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