Aldous Harding at Mohawk

There’s something about Warm Chris, the fourth full-length release by New Zealand-based artist Aldous Harding (Hannah Sian Topp), that feels as though it’s gleefully defying genre, moving in multiple directions with sound and songwriting, in a kind of free form exercise. Perhaps on some levels its construction wouldn’t make sense, but therein lies its surrealistic beauty, not easily accessible yet able to invoke a specific mood from track to track. And quite literally, this unusual, whimsical, intriguing work gives the listener a different experience with each song.

Aldous Harding’s tour includes a show in the ATX tomorrow, Tuesday June 21, at Mohawk on Red River, on the outside stage. Doors at 6:30 p.m.

AMM June 20 2022

Aldous Harding performs at the Mohawk, Tuesday June 21.

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