An Eastside Evening

East Austin is the place to be this weekend, specifically along E. 12th St. Not only are there a lot of great shows to catch during the Eastside Kings Festival, but creative collective PietchHouse is offering a sneak peak of the Future Front House for Future Front Texas.

The new Future Front HQ, 1900 E. 12th St., houses a community space and exhibition series for local artists, with women and LGBTQ+ creatives at the helm. As a special preview of the new location, everyone’s invited to An Eastside Evening with Magna Carda, featuring a photo exhibit, a conversation with the East Side Riders bike club, and a performance by Magna Carda. The event begins at 7:30 p.m. tonight at Future Front House. Tickets are available at the PietschHouse website.

Lucas P-Li

AMM Sept. 9 2023

An Eastisde Evening with Magna Carda at the new Future Front House.

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