Bayonne at The Parish

For Roger Sellers, the songwriter/musician behind the moniker Bayonne, working on his latest release Temporary Time became both a source of balance, and a way of channeling grief after the loss of his father to cancer. The pandemic was yet another layer in an unnerving situation, capped by isolation and perhaps too much time in one’s head. Still, it all provided ample time to create and release.

Sellers considers Temporary Time his most contemplative record to date, as he focused on refining his lyrics. “I definitely spent more time than ever on the lyrics themselves,” Sellers told KUTX Music Editor Jeff McCord. “They have always been kind of a second, I focus much more on the music. But I felt I was growing older and it was therapeutic and introspective for me to really dig into them, you know?”

Bayonne returns from tour for a hometown show tonight, Wednesday June 28, at The Parish. New York electro-pop duo mmeadows opens the show. Doors at 7:30 p.m.

*At the time of this post, a wait list is currently in effect for possible openings to this sold-out show. Please check with The Parish for details.


AMM June 28 2023

Bayonne at The Parish tonight, with mmeadows.

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