Behind the Song Live!

If you happen to follow J Soulja on Instagram, then you know. A lot of work went into this production, and now the Austin-based artist is ready to share it with the world.

Behind the Song Live! is an interactive and immersive livestream experience via Safehouse highlighting up-and-coming artists, offering insight on their inspirations and musical backgrounds, and includes live performances of their music. J Soulja and livestream cohost DJ Napalm put together a line-up featuring TEDDYTHELEGACY (the track “Bafoons” from the album SEVEN is on today’s AMM), Freequency WC, Marshé the Finesser, King Sinatra, and BeeEazy.

Behind the Song Live! starts at 8 p.m. (Central) tonight, Tuesday May 4, on the Safehouse YouTube channel.

Behind the Song Live!

AMM May 4 2021 || J Soulja & DJ Napalm present Behind the Song Live! on Safehouse

-Photo courtesy of J Soulja.

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